Skreeno Interactive

The Evolution of Shop-Window

Product Overview

Skreeno is an effective and most spectacular way of creating powerful product demonstrations in your office, exhibition room or even in your shop-window.

Skreeno is able the convert any plane into a large touch sensitive surface, without the need of attaching any special foils, without expensive sensors glued to the display, without the need of special input devices and even without the surface being physically present. Skreeno can be controlled simply using a finger or any other object. Skreeno creates a unique and unusual interactive experience.

Skreeno is the ideal choice for shop-window interactive demonstrations. One of the major advantages of Skreeno is that all the active components can be placed in protected space, while the touch sensitive surface is still available to everyone on the street, all the time, without the need of cabling through the shop-window or through the walls.

The revolutionary touch detecting sensors make Skreeno stand out of the crowd, and Skreeno makes a display window or a showroom stand out of the crowd.

Without the projecting surface or the display device, Skreeno shop-window may look like an ordinary display window, but with the flexibility of Skreeno you can transform the look of the shop to a high-tech interactive multimedia kiosk in minutes. Use personalized interactive product or company specific content to attract more customers and to boost brand reputation.

Features of Skreeno

* High clarity, no film overlay

* High resolution, even in very large sizes

* Fast response speed, even in very large sizes

* Can be used with finger (even when wearing gloves) or any other object such as stick, pen or pointer

* Works with double glazed, triple glazed windows

* Interactive surface can be independent from the display

* Vandal proof, wear resistant

* Scratch proof

* No drift

* Works in any weather condition, indoor and outdoor

* Complete presentation solution, no need to buy extra hardware/software

* Long life expectancy

Comparison with other technology

Skreeno Infrared Resistive Capacitive SAW
Transparency ***** ***** *** *** ****
Vandal proof ***** **** ** *** *****
Scratch proof ***** ***** ** **** *****
Life expectancy ***** **** ** *** ****
Size/price ratio ***** ** ** ** *****
Durability ***** *** ** ** ****
Ambient light resistance **** **** ***** ***** *****
Works with gloves ***** ***** *** ** *****
Static proof ***** ***** **** *** *****
Working environment
(temperature, humidity)
**** **** *** *** ****
Cleaning ***** ***** ***** ***** ***
Response time ***** *** **** **** **
Drift free ***** ***** ***** ** ****


Q: What is Skreeno?
A: Skreeno is a complete solution for transforming any surface (e.g., a shop-window) into a large digital interactive multimedia centre.

Q: Is the touch sensitive surface of Skreeno integrated with the display device or with the projection surface?
A: No. The touch surface of Skreeno can be separated from the displayed content.

Q: Is there any special requirement on input devices to operate Skreeno (special pen, stylus, etc.)?
A: No. Users can simply interact with the Skreeno using any object, typically with the hand or finger.

Q: Can Skreeno be used while wearing gloves?
A: Yes.

Q: Can Skreeno be used in winter time?
A: Yes. The sophisticated sensors of Skreeno are able to work in any weather condition, and in any light condition.

Q: Can Skreeno be used in total darkness?
A: Skreeno cannot be used in "total darkness", although the ambient light produced by the display device is enough for the sensors of Skreeno to operate.

Q: What kind of interactive content can be presented using Skreeno?
A: Skreeno is based on Adobe Flash(TM) technology, Flash movies can be presented, and flash playlists assembled with the "Playlist Editor" software supplied with Skreeno.

Q: Is Skreeno a computer peripheral?
A: No. Skreeno is an interactive multimedia centre. Skreeno integrates the large scale user input device and the content manager and display devices.

Q: Can Skreeno be used as a movie projector?
A: Yes.

Q: Can Skreeno be used without the interactive function?
A: Yes. Skreeno can play Adobe Flash movies which are not interactive, but to fully exploit the capabilities of Skreeno, interactive content should be used.

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