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The Evolution of Shop-Window

Skreeno Digital Signage System Overview

Push, update, schedule and monitor your multimedia content over the Internet.

Skreeno digital signage provides the following building blocks:

* Display terminals (preinstalled with Skreeno digital signage system software)

* Displays (on request)

* Full access to Skreeno Digital Signage services


* Seamless content changing on update

* Secure connections on all data paths

* Display terminals are password protected

* Can be integrated with any interactive technology (e.g. Skreeno interactive shop-window)

Display Terminals

* Terminals running rich Adobe Flash(tm) content

* Content can be passive, updated manually

* Content can also be online, dynamic (accesing customer's database, or the web)

* Switching monitors on/off on scheduled times

* Rebooting terminals on scheduled times

* Content push (per campaign, or globally)

* Logging of special, user defined events (API available)

Skreeno Remote Management Terminals

Dashboard for Customer

* Scenario management - different scenarios for different locations

* Content update (immediate push, or pre-scheduled)

* View logs, statistics, health status from a webpage

* Intelligent watchdog and e-mail notification

Skreeno Remote Management Dashboard

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